Ongoing projects

BACTO-MET — Metrology for monitoring nosocomial respiratory tract infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria

EMPVIR — The role of epigenetic imprinting in temporally separated multiple virus infections in plants

SENSORS — Unraveling mechanisms of effectiveness and specificity in potato immune signaling through innovative data acquisition and modeling

VIROUT  — Development of new, environment-friendly approaches for plant and human virus inactivation in waters

Finished projects

AureoProtect — Stress-tolerant yeast from the genus Aureobasidium: application in the biological control against certain plant pathogens

RNAinVAL  — Using RNAi and SysBio approaches for validation of insecticide targets in CPB guts

Hyp  — Spatiotemporal analysis of hypersensitive response to Potato virus Y in potato

INGRAPA  —  Molecular bases of interactions among the grapevine and phytoplasmal causing agents of the grapevine yellows diseases

PoDefSig — Setting up the basis for multiscale systems analysis of potato defence signalling (ProtocolsPotatoDefence)

Spiny  — Insights into the protein interactions involved in the Potato virus Y-Potato relation

XylVec — Development of methods and procedures for the rapid detection and management of bacterial diseases caused by Xylella fastidiosa and its vectors (English/Slovenian)