This is a joint Slovenian-Austrian project.

The project’s consortium is composed of four partners:

  • Marine Biology Station Piran, National Institute of Biology: project leader dr. Tinkara Tinta, member of project team dr. Katja Klun, member of project team dr. Martin Vodopivec


  • Department of Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology, National Institute of Chemistry: leader of the project team prof. dr. Gregor Anderluh,  member of project team dr. Mirijam Kozorog, technical support Urška Dečko


  • Department of Communication systems, Jozef Stefan Institute: leader of the project team dr. Gregor Kosec, member of project team Filip Strniša


  • Microbial Oceanography group, Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, University of Vienna: head of the group prof. dr. Gerhard J. Herndl, postdoctoral researcher dr. Eduard Fadeev