Project phases and realisation



WP1 – PRIMING and host genome methylation changes 

  • T1.1 Infection of plants with different viruses and collection of samples
  • T1.2 Defining genome methylation changes and sRNAs abundances

WP2 – CHALLENGING, host response and viral fitness

  • T2.1 Challenging of primed plants with TuMV
  • T2.2 Analysis of viral fitness in primed plants
  • T2.3 Analysis of plants response on transcriptomics level
  • T2.4 Exploring the role of specific epigenetic factors

WP3 – Experimental VIRAL EVOLUTION 

  • T3.1 Serial passages of TuMV in primed and naïve plants
  • T3.2 Analysis of the changes in viral fitness
  • T3.3 Analysis of viral population structure