Short description

The overall goal of the project is to significantly improve our understanding of themolecular interaction between grapevine and phytoplasmas as the causal agents ofgrapevine yellows diseases (GYs). This will be achieved by the integration of researchapproaches of the Slovenian and Austrian teams and with the support of world leadingteams in research fields of plant physiology and phytoplasmas – still very poorly exploredphytopathogenic bacteria from the Mollicutes class. Here we will perform acomprehensive molecular study in which we will use natural and model experimentalsystems and innovative data analysis for identification of the key components of plantresponses to infection with these highly adapted bacteria. Besides high scientific value ofexpected results, they will also be directly applicable to viticulture practices for managingGYs.

Project ID:  ARRS-RPROJ-J1-7151
Joined project with a Foreign team from the Partner Country Austria
Duration: 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2017