PoDefSig Short Description

The overall aim of this project is to set up technological basis for multiscale analysis of potato defence signalling. This will represent a basis for integration of systems biology and synthetic biology approaches aiming at identification of key components of the response network. Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is the world’s most widely grown tuber crop and the fourth most important food crop. Worldwide, the most economically important viral potato pathogens is Potato virus Y (PVY), while its most important insect pest is the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata).

We will on one hand integrate existing knowledge into complex topological model of defence signalling in Arabidopsis. This will be further translated to describe processes in potato with extensive manual corrections where needed. We will further establish protocols for tissue dissection or cell sorting and for ‘omics’ analysis of small tissue samples. This task will in the future experiments allow for analysis of cells in the same state of response. In the last part of the project we will setup the multitrophic system choosing specific genotypes of potato, PVY strains and timings of potato infection and inoculation which will also allow for controlled studies of signalling dynamics in complex ecological systems.

Altogether this will contribute to development of novel crop protection and breeding strategies and thus be useful to beneficiaries in the plant breeding and plant protection industries.

Project ID: N4-0026
Duration: 1.11.2014 – 30.10.2017