Phases and Realization

WP1 Cloning, expression and mutagenesis of PVY proteins and selected potato proteins (IJS, NIB)

-Task 1.1 Selection of virus and potato plant proteins (NIB). (Months 1-6) Done

-Task 1.2 High throughput expression and purification (IJS). Months (3-18) Done

-Task 1.3 Mutagenesis of proteins involved in interactions identified in WP3 (IJS, NIB). Months (18-30) (Ongoing)


WP2 PVY coat protein and virus like particles VLPs: production, assembly and structure (KI, NIB)

-Task 2.1. Production of PVY VLPs. Purification and characterization.(KI, NIB) Months (1-24)

-Sub task 2.1.1: Expression conditions (1-8).Done

-Sub task 2.1.2: Specific molecular interactions involved in the assembly (8-16). Done

-Sub task 2.1.3. Intrinsic coat protein properties (16-24) Done


-Task 2.2. CP subunit structure. (KI) Months (12-36) Ongoing


WP3 Searching, identification and evaluation of new interaction partners within the PVY-potato system (NIB, KI).

-Task 3.1. Searching for interaction partners in potato plant extracts (NIB, KI) (1-20)

-Sub task 3.1.1 Preparation of plant extracts (months 1-6) Done

-Sub task 3.1.2 SPR experiments (months 6-14) Done

-Sub task 3.1.3 Identification of potential interaction partners (months 14-20) Ongoing


-Task 3.2. Searching for interactions among virus particles or VLPs, and expressed virus and plant proteins (NIB, KI).

-Subtask 3.2.1 Interaction screening (months 6-24) Done

-Subtask 3.2.2 Detailed analysis of confirmed interactions (months 22-36) Done


-Task 3.3. Confirmation of identified interactions with other approaches (28-36) Ongoing


WP4 Mathematical modelling of PVY host interaction (NIB) (Months 28-36) Ongoing