Instructions for speakers

There will be three types of presentations:

  • keynote and plenary lectures: up to 45 minutes plus 15 minutes time for discussion
  • regular talks: 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion
  • brief talks: 7 minutes plus 3 minutes for discussion

Brief talks are a replacement for posters – poster sessions would be difficult for online participants to follow, so we have asked all poster contributors to convert their designs to short oral presentations instead. Those will be interspersed between regular talks. For this reason, a poster exhibition is not planned, so no need to bring a printed poster.

All speakers, please keep these time limits in mind, because the program will be packed and we wish to avoid delays. The time limits will be enforced by your session chair.

Due to complex hardware arrangement for hybrid format, a single computer provided by the organizer will be used for presentations, allowing playback of sound and video files. All slideshows and other content that the presenters wish to show must be Windows-compatible (no Macs possible, sorry), i. e. PowerPoint or PDF for presentations with standard audio and video formats for multimedia (can be embedded).

Presenters will be asked to bring their files to the conference staff for copying to the main computer and testing during the break before their session at the latest, but preferably a day earlier. A spare computer or two will be available on site for testing. If in doubt, you can send us your slideshow beforehand for checking if it will run properly.

Online system

The conference will be streamed on the online platform Zoom for remote participants. You will receive an e-mail with link to each day’s program in the evening before that day. Presentations and discussion after each lecture will be facilitated by the session chair and assistants to give the online participants equal opportunity.

Please note the time zone difference from your location. The conference local time is UTC/GMT+2 (Ljubljana), and local times will be reported in the program. You can use an online time zone converter such as to calculate timing of your sessions. We have strived to compensate for time differences when designing the program, to avoid making online lecturers talk in the middle of the night, but parts of the program will inevitably be at night for colleagues overseas, depending where you are tuning in from.

Testing the online presentations will be possible during breaks. Please get in touch with the organizer to schedule your test, preferrably a day earlier.

Consent to record

All live attendees and presenting participants will be asked to sign a consent form to allow streaming and (optionally) publishing on the Biotremology YouTube channel.

Below you can find the consent form in two formats, please fill in, sign and send this form to the conference e-mail address if you are an online participant. You are also encouraged to fill it and send it in advance if you are coming live, to speed up the check-in process.