HYp Short Description


Despite the intensive use of agrochemicals, plant pathogens are responsible for huge yield losses worldwide. Understanding the interaction between plant and pathogens is crucial to ensure long lasting and environmentally friendly system of plant protection. Therefore research of the most important human food crops in combination with their pathogens is one of the highest priorities for sustainable agriculture.

The aim of the proposed research project is to bring new perspective into understanding of plant HR response towards viruses. More specifically, to identify the processes which restrict the virus spread and separate them from thHR leafe processes leading to the formation of lesions.

We hypothesize that:

  • The mechanisms blocking viral multiplication and/or spread in HR are occurring close to the point of viral entry and are tightly spatiotemporaly regulated, therefore we will address both the spatial and the temporal component of the processes close to the point of viral entry.
  • The key players of HR might not been identified yet, therefore we will in our study encompass both the targeted and untargeted analyses.


Project ID: J4-7636
Duration: 1.3.2016 – 28.2.2018